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Guest Group FAQ

General Booking

General Booking:

Booking an event, a camp, a ropes course day, etc:

There are two ways to book an event: Call our office at   (208) 634 - 2083 or email us at


Staff member enjoying McCall's Ice Cream Alley


View from Ponderosa State Park (appox. 3.5 miles from camp)


Campers on our Lakeside dock

Services offered:

We are a full-service retreat facility. You bring the people and the programming and Quaker Hill provides the rest (food, lodging, meeting space, recreation equipment, etc).

Event Pricing:


Pricing is dependent on group size, length of stay, meals or no meals, lodging accommodations, etc. Please call our office at (208) 634 - 2083 or email us at for availability and pricing.

Are decorations allowed?

Yes, but we ask that you use painters tape, command hooks and other non-abrasive materials. No nails, thumb tacks, etc.  Upon departure, please remove all decorations and materials used to hang signs and decorations.

Do you host weddings?

Unfortunately, we are not set up to facilitate weddings at this time.

Lost and found:

All items left behind are kept in our lost and found for 30 days. After 30 days, items are donated to a local thrift store. 

Audio/Visual Equipment


We do provide offer basic audio / visual equipment:


  • Soundcraft sound board with up to 16 channels and 2 stage snakes

  • Microphones, stands and XLR cords

  • Music stands

  • DI box

  • 2 - 70" smart TV's with HDMI connection

Osprey Lodge:

  • Portable Speaker Unit with 1-2 microphones

  • Music stands

  • Smart TV's with HDMI connection


Campers playing on our water trampoline


Women's retreat posing for a group photo in Upper Osprey


Camper on our main camp zip line




We provide coffee in our dining hall and retreat facilities.  Additionally, we have an on-site coffee shop "The Underground" with specialty coffee drinks.


The Underground Hours of Operation:

      7:00-9:00am and 2:00-4:00pm daily

Camp Store 

We call our Camp Store "The Underground." You can purchase Quaker Hill souvenirs, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, candy, snacks and specialty drinks.



  • Waterfront (beach, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, and water trampoline)

  • Basketball

  • Horseshoes

  • Zipline

  • Recreation room (foosball, pool table, ping pong, carpet ball).

  • Ball Field (perfect for soccer, field games, baseball, etc)

  • Disc golf course

  • Archery

  • Ropes Course (with QH facilitator only)

Nearby (off-site within 1 mile):

  • Bear Basin Trail System (walking, running, mountain biking)

  • Food: Lardo's (American cusine), Pueblo Lindo's (Mexican), Blue Moose (American - Burgers and Sandwiches)

  • Shore Lodge (food, spa)

  • Town (2 miles from camp)


We are privileged to own 50 feet of Payette Lake beach front on our property. Guests have access to paddle boards, canoes, and a water trampoline.

Camper looking for a bullseye

Challenge Course

challenge course:

Challenge course overview:  

We tailor each challenge course session specifically to meet your group needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for a rich team building experience or just a fun day swinging through trees, our Program Director or Head Facilitator will work with you to set up a day that is memorable for all! 

Costs and how to book:

Pricing is dependent on length of time on the course and amount of participants. Please call or email our office at   (208) 634 - 2083 or email us at to check on availability. 

Example day on the ropes:

Day begins with light name games (if group does not know each other well) or light initiative activities designed to break the ice and loosen any nerves. 


Depending on the length of the time available, the group transitions to a few low ropes elements. Low ropes are designed to foster team building through communication, and problem solving. This is where team growth is developed.


Lastly, the group moves to the high elements. The high elements are designed to utilize the team in order to challenge individuals to perform outside their comfort zone. This is where the most individual growth takes place.


Heather, one of our ropes course facilitators 

edited high ropes.jpg

A staff member belays a camper across the Multi-Vine

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