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Summer Staff FAQs


Who can be on summer staff? 

We hire both high school and college students. In order to live on-site and participate in our college program, you must be 18+ and have graduated from High School.


We hire local high school students to join our summer staff team as well. Part time and full time positions available for high school students.  

Is there a dress code? 

In lieu of a specific dress code, we have a couple guidelines we staff that staff follow. 

  1. Dress appropriately for the job... luckily for us this often means jeans and t-shirt. 

  2. We don't want to see your backside, chest or stomach (this applies to guys and gals alike!). Regardless of what is "fashionable" we ask that you take it a step further than what the campers may be wearing.  

  3. Swim / waterfront time: Gals - one piece or modest tankini. Guys - loose fitting swim trunks. If in question, refer to guideline 2This applies to both on-site and off-site water times. Clothing covering swim attire must be worn to and from any water activities.  

We are to serve as an example and role model for the campers. We ask that you always keep this in mind when getting dressed. If you need to ask a friend if something is appropriate, it's probably not! If something is deemed inappropriate, we will handle it on a case by case basis. 

How can I get certified in Lifeguarding and Ropes Course? 

Lifeguard certifications can be done two ways. 

  1. We help you find a course near your location and you attend. You pay for the course and we will reimburse you after your successful completion. 

  2. We offer a three day course prior to summer staff orientation. You will arrive to camp early and we provide your training. 

Ropes Course training is provided during Summer Staff orientation. 

Due to the unique diversity of jobs during the summer, we encourage every staff member to attempt both Lifeguard and Ropes Course training. Certain exceptions will be made on a case by case basis. 

The typical summer staff dates run from Memorial Day to mid August.

Do we get to counsel?  

Quaker Hill primary serves as a host site for churches and youth groups to bring their kids to camp. This means our job is focused on serving the kids and youth behind the scenes. We are constantly interacting with the campers and on occasion opportunities to counsel. 

We facilitate four of our own (Quaker) camps:

Day Camp, Kids Camp, Junior High and Senior High Camp. All summer staff will have the opportunity to counsel for Day Camp. 


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